The world of internet marketing is as fascinating as it is complicated. The internet is a place with very few rules and very few guidelines when it comes to attaining success. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an aspiring artist, being able to successfully build your brand is going to be one of the toughest tasks of your career. Fortunately, this is where SEO content curation and digital marketing comes into the equation.

In order to spread the word about your content, you are going to need to dip your toes into the world of digital marketing. In that water, you’ll find yourself contemplating the benefits of guest posting versus posting curated links, or something like local SEO citations. Both of these SEO practices are tremendously successful at building your brand, but what are their primary differences? If you only have the budget to pursue one marketing angle, you had better know what you are signing up for.

Understanding Guests Posts and Curated Links

Alright, before you can spend your marketing budget on an SEO technique, you are going to want a well-rounded understanding of both aspects. Before we dive deep into this discussion, you should understand that there are actually more SEO techniques that we aren’t even mentioning. With that being said, guest posts and link curation can be a great foundation from which to build your marketing strategy. Without any further deliberation, let’s begin.

1) Guest Posting – When we talk about guest posting, where does your mind first go? You might think of guest posting as inviting your friend to write a blog on your website. You might consider guest posting the act of hiring a bigger name to publish content on your behalf. In actuality, guest posting is as simple as having your content published on another website. That’s it! You don’t have to have a famous person re-post your blog, nor do you have to have a special guest involved. You simply post your blog outside of your primary domain, that’s it.

The core benefits of guest posts links are fairly obvious. You’ll be able to build up your brand while posting new content all over the internet. Guest posts are a great way to get people to read about your work before heading to your actual website. With that being said, Google has grown wise to guest blogging, at least to a degree. In order to maintain high-quality search rankings, you need to make sure that your guest posts are considered ‘quality’ and not spam. This means that you’ll want to avoid low-quality SEO content mills in exchange for blogs that are crafted by true SEO professionals. There is a fine line that your business will need to walk in between quality and quantity.

2) Link Building – Link building is a core process in the world of digital marketing. Link building is all about putting hyperlinks onto other websites that direct back to your core domain. With link building, your goal is to embed high-quality links into web pages that score high-level search engine results. When you succeed in doing this, web crawlers will end up crawling through the links in order to build up your indexing capabilities. Link building is one of the backbones of the SEO marketing world and you won’t find much success without incorporating the process into your work.

Link building provides you with the ability to grow your brand without putting in labor-intensive work. Link building is a technical process more than a creative one, so you’ll need to spend a lot of time working with your digital marketing consultants in order to make the process work for you. Link building is an integral process but it is not alone. You should also incorporate several other SEO techniques in order to maximize the quality of your digital marketing

Following the Unwritten SEO Rules

Every single day, it seems like search engines change their core algorithms. In order to stay competitive and successful in the world of digital marketing, you must keep your ear to the ground. If you are uncomfortable pursuing your own digital marketing campaign, consider giving the job to a professional in order to ensure your prolonged success in the area.